supporter quotes

We support the bond issue within the Thomas-Fay-Custer School district. We believe it will contribute to growing the community and address the needs that currently exist, as well as the needs that will exist in the future. Please vote yes for this bond, not only for our community, but for our children as well.

Nathan and Ashley Miller

I support the upcoming school bond issue. I know the proposal is a large package, but it will be a tremendous benefit for all grade levels from Pre-K through 12th grade as well as to the community. I strongly urge you if you have any doubt on this project to go up and tour the current facilities. 

Debbie Waggoner

As someone that didn't grow up here we choose to live here because of our school district and the communities it serves. We have been an toured the facilities and if you do that the urgent need is noticed. This is our chance to not only improve the facilities for our kids but also future generations of students that come through the doors. As a business owner our towns, businesses and property values survives because of our school and doing the things to make it better is only a smart move for all of us. Yes, it will cost us some additional money in taxes and I personally feel that spending the very small amount additional to secure my Children's educations needs and future generations needs is a very small investment for a great return. I urge everyone that is on the fence on this issue to take the time to educate yourself to make an informed decision and make the decision to support the communities we live in by voting yes March 6th.

Adam McClain

As a family we support the school bond proposal because investment in our children will ensure a very bright future for the Thomas, Fay and Custer communities.

Rick Payne Family

Kim and I enthusiastically support the proposed school bond issue. Our chamber of Commerce is doing a great job of working to promote and upgrade our city. A school district with modern up to date facilities is important to people who might consider relocating to this school district. Our school and community is a source of great pride to our citizens and being progressive about improving facilities and infrastructure is a winning proposition.

Mike Tyson

We support the upcoming school bond issue. Thomas School is well known for our wonderful staff, outstanding students who represent our school well, and we want the facilities they use to be something close to those of surrounding towns. The proposal is a large package, but all the items the committee recommends are needed! The new plan will enable Thomas Schools to host events proudly in the future years. Please study the proposal to see how much our district will receive for very little tax increase. A big plus is that funds stay in our local schools. We want to keep the town of Thomas and its school progressive. 

Jim and Jane Lorenz